Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's been a while.... yet again. I don't know what's kept me from this blog. I guess it's just the whole not having time to maintain a regular blog. But I do what I can.

I've been rather meh. I don't know if it's college that's getting to me, or something else. Classes are a lot more difficult than I expected. And it's not like I'm not learning anything... but it's that homework thing.... it always fucked me up in school. Why isn't there some alternative to people like me who know the material, but have better things to do outside of school? I do fine on every single one of the in-class assignments. And what's the point of doing big projects outside of school when you have the least access to help? Th ebig projects are the ones that should be worked on in the classroom, with the instructor doing what he or she is paid to do: instruct.

Ahh well. That's always the beef I had with homework. I always hated how they make homework like 50% of your grade-- even more than the final exam. Every time, the teachers have always used the same rhetoric: Practice makes perfect! ^_^ ugh. Not like it's changeable anyway. I just find it really hard to get the drive to do homework.

In other news, I was talking with (The Other) David(c) this evening. We were watching the Colbert report, and we saw his interview with a man who said that "Gaydar" could in fact be real, and also that it could be genetic.
I tend to think that nurture does in fact play a pretty big part in the whole process... but I can't deny the new science developing in the study of sexual preferences. There may be a gene that in fact enhances the probability that someone will develop homosexual tendencies. I don't recognize any of that from my early life personally, which is why I still believe that part of it comes from our own choices.

Our own choices. This may not be the most popular explanation-- but why the hell not? People can make choices. Without these choices, we can't get anywhere in life. So where is the beef? People make choices every day about more than what they want from McDonald's $1 menu. They make long-term financial choices, they make political choices, they make choices about the future of their kin, and finally they make choices about their religion.
Does this mean that we're going to have to start trying to find gene-implantation cures for the people who make all of the unpopular morally wrong choices? That's the implication I'm getting.
I went to an NMSR meeting last night that discussed the evolutionary biological origins of political values. It might have something to do with the immune system, and their reaction to viruses and other diseases. Does that mean we're going to have to start taking a look at the DNA of our immune systems, then try to manipulate them so that our choices are made differently?
So my question still remains: Where's the beef? It's not like you can "catch homosexuality" if you shake my hand. HIV/AIDS is a blood disorder, not one that is transferred from a cough. This is xenophobia at its worst... and it really has got to stop. The fucktards (and I apologize for the vulgarity, but this issue really irks me) at places like Virtue Online who believe that gene implantation therapy would be just a swell cure for homosexuality, or those subhuman deiphiles (a combination of deity and philia... god lovers) at Exodus International who believe that all of us were abused or molested at a young age, and just need love from "A REAL MAN" have got to either die, or see themselves for what they really are: self-centered, bigoted, half-witted, unaccepting, fundamentalist, holier than thou, bible thumpers who have no fucking idea how many happy lives they are ruining by subjecting these lives to terror through bible-therapy (ie: introduction to Hell 101, and the usual diatribe about how god loves you only if you believe in such and such contradictive passages).
In all, I think the discussions taking place currently about homosexuality have got to be taken out of the religious context. Someone has got to tell these religious zealots who have the control over the "moral majority" that their opinions about science do not qualify AS SCIENCE just because they are about science. it's circular reasoning, and it's proof that these retards don't know the true and beautiful nature of science. Their opinions don't matter in the field, and why not? Because the bible, time and time again has been proved to be an entirely inaccurate, corruptible, and ridiculously fallible source of information.
It's the time to tell them simply this: Fuck off. If you refuse to look at the facts, and simply come up with your own, or worse, get them directly from the bible, then you have no business in expressing scientific opinions. Homosexuality does not negatively affect your life. If it violates your own sense of security, then by all means, stay away from us. I fear what you could do to me every day on the streets. I'm afraid of expressing my love openly as straight people do in public because of assholes who get a kick out of seeing blood spilt because of a stupid law in Leviticus.

So that's my rant for tonight... a special treat to whomever might possibly still read this thing.

And remember: Republicans for Voldemort

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