Monday, January 28, 2008

Faith Healing is SICK

Someone once told me that it doesn't matter what people believe in their own personal lives, as long as they're happy. I thought it was a powerful statement, and I know that, to a considerable degree, what other people hold as faith does not directly effect my life. I accept others' beliefs, though I usually groan to see varying degrees of delusion eating the life out of many people in this world. To me, it's like watching someone being cheated out of money right before my eyes, without that someone realizing it. Except in this situation, it's not money, it is the time we have left on this earth. But hey, they're happy, and who am I to interfere. They'll only fall asleep one day and never wake up from that again. I'm not affected.

That doesn't mean that I don't get REALLY fucking pissed off when I see a large mass of people being duped of life and money when they follow some creepy fuck with a bad accent around the globe so that they can help him make money in exchange for "miracle "

Seriously, I thought this fucker was dead.

But no, he's back up, still cheating people out of their time and money, and still living a lavish life through selling "miracles." Seriously, miracle water, miracle bread, miracle mana, divine transaction, or however the hell he puts it. This guy thrives off of the testimonials of the few people who mysteriously received checks in the mail for some outrageous amount. Considering this guy's popularity, there ought to be windfalls all throughout the U.S. where people mysteriously receive sums of $100,000 in their mailboxes. This is not the case however. I think that God is the last person we have to blame for inflation, unless we take George Bush's statement that God guided him to the whitehouse seriously.

This all angers me so much because I cannot stand to see others suffering. So it's even worse when I see someone else profiting off of others' sometimes life-threatening ailments and suffering. Worse still when the profiteer is lying to make money. And even worse when he's using 'faith' as a base for his profitable lies. These are very low individuals. This guy is saying that if you eat this miracle mana bread shit that he personally prepared, that you will start to get checks in the mail worth several tens of thousands of dollars. He is saying that he 'divinely' stopped cholera, typhoid, and other water-borne diseases by giving these African children 'miracle straws.' which are really just simplified water filters, and probably wouldn't last more than a few weeks at best.

Sorry, but faith healing is a moral abhorrition. It wouldn't be so bad if all of these guys were just writing checks and sending them off, but that is simply not the case. These people are making personal profit off of it. This Popoff guy drives a $100,000 car, lives in a multi-million dollar house, and probably bought his multi-million dollar family. It's ludicrous, and these are the types of people worthy of being locked up in a capsule and subsequently launched in the general direction of the sun. Wouldn't that be morally abhorrent? Maybe, but it's one less asshole on this planet who bathes luxuriously amidst other people's suffering.

Anybody, be they Theists, Agnostics or Atheists should be skeptical of a claim such as this "with a pledge of $1000 I will prey on -- err, excuse me, pray for you and you will come across mountains of success! Oh yeah, and your cancer will be gone. You have cancer right?" I've come across too many of these people in my research, and it really has got to end. I don't know how, but it just has to.

Someone needs to line Benny Hinn, Peter Popoff, Pat Robertson, and Uri Gellar for good maesure and release 10,000 sex-starved monkeys on them infected with that virus from "I Am Legend" Then nuke the general area. Maybe God will be omnipresent enough to cure all of those monkeys, and have them sing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" as a perfect baritone choir while the fucktard televangelists quietly get away. Hey, if it happened that way, that would be MORE than enough to make me believe in god.

Until then, the only thing Peter Jackoff would expect from me is a box of leftover "Santorum" remnants from FC after all has been said and (proverbially) done.

Anyway, just thought I'd post that rant.