Tuesday, January 31, 2006

oh my.... f*ing ... god.

Well, I didn't miss the state of the union. Though I would have if I hadn't been reminded. I thought that this would be just like the one last year... grab a bowl of popcorn, and have a good laugh .... ooh, maybe every 30 seconds. But no... this one was chilling to the bone.

Reading "Nineteen Eighty-Four" really did put the President's speech into perspective. It's unbelievable. Some consider Bush's statements on Iran his most powerful knock out of the park. I saw it as "We are at war with Iran, we have always been at war with Iran, we will defeat Iran" ... it's a marching military campaign to Globalization. And, inevitably, the American Empire's doom. Capitalism's doom. What is this complete nugget thinking?

He talks about the failure of Social Security, but on the other hand, we should keep the tax cuts permanent. Whose fault is it that SS is failing? Whose fault is it that the U.S. is getting less money each year from these people? Whose fault is it that Healthcare is not reachable by anyone? It's not the people, it's these tax cuts driven by idiocy.

Make them permanent? Why? So that the rich people can keep outsourcing our jobs so we can drive the prices for goods down yet further... meaning more and more poverty?

But that's his foreign policy. What's crushing him (and me mentally) the most is his stance on domestic policies. Since WHEN do we have moral commitments to ANYTHING? Who the hell does he think he is to impose his moral standards on the rest of us? Who is he to determine when life is able to be distinguished, and when it should be extinguished justifiably? Who the bloody hell is he to be the one, all-knowing messiah to determine how I have a family?

I was torn between a fit of rage and tears tonight listening to that great oaf ramblingabout his imperial mind-set that he invisions... and I don't support it. Not one bit.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence happened over 200 years ago. I have the awkward feeling that another such event will come up once more. Though it will be the fall of this declaration finally, after so long of arrogant and greedy imperialism that has plagued the planet for so long.

I've lost complete hope in America. I've gone from strong Nationalist to a Socialist in less than one year. What does that say about the situation?

Very sad, very bad news. I will go to bed tonight, thinking -.-


Friday, January 27, 2006

My research paper was returned to me today. 22/25 ... not bad. But as Beksuki said in the coment in my latest update, I went into a little bit too much detail, and could shorten it a little bit by removing it elsewhere into the essay. I also seemed to be having trouble defining the basis of my research... whether it is analytical, Hierarchichal, Chronological, etc... so there will be much cleaning up needed for it. And yes, I am quite having fun with this. Especially the research is interesting to look over (INFOTRAC is a VERY useful resource.) It's interesting what articles you can find from when that have to do with the topic you are researching. Anyway.. I need to seperate my paragraphs is also another thing I need to think about when I am revising.

Right now, I am in my second-block class. The internet has been down for the past hour, so I had no time whatsoever to do any research except to read more of my book, "The Blind Watchmaker" ... which is interesting, but I could have used the time to find more articles having to do with ID. Oh well, hurray for high-speed cable connection in the home! :o

So on Google News, I found that Samuel Alito was confirmed to the chair for Supreme Court Justice. Dammit. I was hoping that the democrats could pull through with their filibuster. It looks like that won't happen however, and we will have a Supreme Court which is now right-leaning. Well, we'll be traveling back into the 1850's for a long time to come, This is the same ideological placement that denied African-Americans a fair place in societ. Recall the "Seperate, but equal" ruling. No matter, I won't be living here much longer to enjoy the fall of the American Empire ... after all, that's what this is all going to lead to.

It has come to my attention that Alito believes strongly in the Unitary Executive. Can anyone say "Roman Empire"???? It's coming soon, the end of Western Civilization. Though I hope not in my lifetime. So cheers, for a New World Order... of Chaos under the un-checked unitary executive of Imperial United States!

Bad news, bad news, and still more bad news. Ahh, well, what can we do.


NOTE TO SELF: http://proutworld.prout.org/features/falamemp.htm

Monday, January 23, 2006

Introductory Paragraph for my research essay...

random news: I was completely taken aback by my art teacher's comments today. Inspired would be the better word.. but it quite flattered me.

Well here it is. The first paragraph. I tried to give a vague idea to the audience as to what will be discussed in the paper. I only hope it was neither too vague nor too in-depth as an introduction. I'm sort of questioning my placement of my thesis statement (bold/italic) but this is why we're turning it in early. Anyone who reads this blog, please leave a message after the beep.

Exploring Intelligent Design– A Secular Alternative?

“The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.” Carl Sagan said these words. Something a true scientist like Sagan would not tell you is that science is materialism. He or she would also not tell you that science is a religion, or that science has many interpretations. Only a scientist from the times of the medieval ages would make such erroneous statements. And yet, to this day, around every corner of knowledge that someone looks, there is a person claiming to be a scientist, that tries to hold back the progressive goal of science in favor of the traditional mind-set that has a majority of Americans ideologically entrapped. Such is not science. Science has forever been progressive, and only has ceased when that progress has been suppressed, such as during the medieval ages aforementioned as a specific example. The medieval ages seemed to have seeped into the heads of the modern pious population in particular of the United States. In order to make up for their ignorance, they will try to fill the gaps with anything and everything. In the recent centuries, these gaps of ignorance were replaced by a concept called “Creationism Science” that sought to teach a literal interpretation of the Bible’s Genesis, and apply “science” to it. There was, and still there exists today several flaws with this branch of scientific reasoning, none of which the least addresses the questionable objectivity of the argument. The goal of science is to prove itself, and not to continue to dispel the arguments from half a millennium ago that have all been refuted. Yet they still live on. Over the years, despite constant ridicule, Creationism has resurfaced as a new strain of pseudoscience, called Intelligent Design Theory. Allowed to continue, Intelligent Design will eventually evolve into something that defies all of the principles of science, and will abridge the meaning of Separation of Church and State in this country. There is a difference to be realized between science and ideology. To be science-driven is to objective, and mindful of all the possible variables out there. And many would argue that God could very well be one of those variables. Not only the idea of god, but any possible intelligent force out there which might have created the Earth’s creatures in their present form. The requirement however, of observable scientific data almost always undermines this notion of an intelligent designer, however. So what Intelligent Design (hereinafter “ID”) tries to do is to go a step further, to redefine science from its present sense to fit its own needs. The tactic that ID tries to use is known as the “Wedge Method” which works in a way which the name suggests. ID will wedge itself into society by any means necessary to try to redefine science, and to renew traditional ideas that would hold mankind at a scientific standstill as far as scientific knowledge and progress is concerned. The Wedge Document is the key to unveiling Intelligent Design, as will be the fallacious arguments used by many of the modern proponents of Design Theory. The advocating arguments of course will be the first to go; however, only after a thorough definition of what science is, and what it is not, is finally pushed out of the way once and for all.



Wednesday, January 11, 2006

(un)intelligent (re)design

Off-Topic sort of things first. I'm rather annoyed with my parents right now. IMHO, if they say they are going to do something big for me, and even get me quitee excited about it.. I dunno, they should live up to it, shouldn't they? -- I broke my toe over the weekend, and you know it's sort of a law that since that happens, you absolutely NEED to hit it at every single opportunity available. -- I'm blazing through my Geometry lessons... my curriculum should be done before next week ends. And that's all I can think of for the moment.

And NOW, our featured presentation...

Yes, it was bound to happen, but since I am doing a research essay on this topic anyway, I figured I'd rant about it right here on my blog.

I may divide this up into parts... as I'm doing with my school rants. If that's the case, this is going to be the introductory one.

For the past few months, starting this summer at the earliest, I became more aware of the trickery presented in Creationism "science" displayed by many of its advocates. This was mostly due to a huge forefront of high-profile officials from school districts and from the scientific community began to support a pseudoscience called "Intelligent Design". There is no better way to explain it than an overwhelming wave as scientists across the country tried to stop it from destroying everything upon which science stood on, to it's very concrete foundation. Hundreds of school districts across the country including Kansas, Delaware, Texas, and New Mexico passed policies which in some way or another promoted the Intelligent Design (ID) movement.

Of course all of this controversy took people by surprise, and now everyone is talking about it. Is it science? Is it religion? Who supports it? Do they make sense? Are they real scientists? What is a real scientist? WHAT IS SCIENCE??????

Of course each of these questions can be answered only by those who have made science their lives. And they have answered these questions every single day. Yet people are persistant, and because they have such an immense access to information via the web, these issues stay red-hot for weeks, and the arguments keep evolving because they cannot be allowed to die until after the climax has taken place. The case with intelligent design seemed to have ended with a court room and a judge ruling that ID was indeed a religious cause trying to work itself into the public school stystem as science.

Rightfuly so too, because every single scrap of evidence from the Discovery Institute's goals (mainly stating the deafeat of of "Materialist science" and reinstating traditional values) to the personal statements made by senior (and allegedly non-partison) members of the Institute points to a Christian ideology, a Christian crusade of sceintific progressivism, and reasearch from the past 100+ years.

What these people do not realize is that god had his chance. Any and all attempts at explaining him throught the naturalistic scientific process has failed. And this alone is the reason that he is not considered to be among the variables in the scientific method. It may come as a hard-hitter to the religious.... or maybe not. Why do they have faith anyway? What is faith but the ability to believe in something without having the hard evidence for which to base these beliefs? What happened to the argument "I don't need to see to believe"? The DI is playing to people's ignorance. They are trying to get people to react to the fact that Evolution cannot explain everything in the developement of life quite yet.

But god can, and he has not been considered in the intense research done by scientists over the years. And people do, and they have reacted to it. Indeed, it is one of the hottest debates in the country right now. Just what Intelligent Design wanted.

Now they have the nation's attention, and they will not back down for anything. Why not? They have been refuted time and time again for the past few years, dating back from their creation in the early 90's by mainstream science. They keep going by marginalizing such great minds as Gallileo, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Carl Sagan, and Stephen J. Gould ... and yet, they quote these same people out of context to support their views. What is it they really want from the world?

It's the Christian mind-set... and they want it forced upon every mind of the ignorant Americans. And they are willing to rape and pillage every known scientific discovery to date to accomplish their goals. And they start with Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution.

I will discuss how they intend to do this at a later time, but class will end in a few minutes.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

part one: School: Why I don't Stand...

Today, we returned to school. I was generally extremely tired today, having went to bed around 3:00 AM last night (due to a raped sleeping pattern adapted over the Winter Break...) I woke up around 5:45 AM this morning, took a shower, got dressed, got all my shtuff together, and hopped in my dad's truck to go to school.

This semester is truly going to be hell. First block, Math. Hopefuly I can get Geometry over with in the first 4 1/2 weeks. And the rest of the time I prey to whatever deity that I can get Algebra 2 done, and over with, with at least a C- ...

next block is my humanities class. And I don't think I ever groaned so loudly about an essay. The good news: It's due at the end of the semester. The bad news: It's a College-level research paper that needs to be minimum 10 pages. Probably not much for some people, but for those who don't know; I'm lazy as hell. I barely get homework done anyway. Oh well, I'll manage, and hopefuly I'll have fun with it. In fact, I'll even post my progress here.

Lunch ... to put it bluntly ... sucks like hell. I have A lunch, which aside from eating lunch at bloody 10:40 in the MORNING, I don't know anyone. So I basically buy lunch, and walk around for half an hour 'til lunch ends. But today I visited my 11th grade humanities teacher, and that took up a bit of time. She's happy to know that I'll be graduating this year.

Anyway, bell rings, lunch ends, third block begins, and I'm still tired despite the food and drink. This is the class where I'll be making up THREE credits in 18 weeks. Including World History, Biology, and some sort of technology credit. The teacher is cool, Mr. Daniels really knows how to work with the students. And as for my work... I apparently get the "short version" of World History, which is from the Renaissance up to present. Which doesn't make much sense to me, because what's the point of World history if you're only going to look at the latter parts if it, and not its roots? I don't particularly care, since I know about most of it anyway, but it's still quite odd. And sometime soon I will start the biology. And I'll do something for Technology. Possibly HTML, I don't know.

The Bus Ride home as usual boring, and then I arrive home, and watch a bit more of The Lion King, that I didn't watch last night, then sign onto the internet like I always do.

So, this is now my mind-numbing daily routine for the next 18 weeks... and like a cheetah, I'm sure it will go blurringly fast.

And now the feature of my posting this afternoon: Why I do not stand for the pledge of allegience.

First, a little history lesson. In the 1950's what the United States was more afraid of than anything was Communism. Particularly that of the USSR. Now, Socialist Russia was by default, Atheist. So now we have a reason to fear Atheism-- because it's Socialist, and defies everything that America supposedly stands for. Here we go, now the church has a reason to convince the government that we NEED to give religion a boost... to undermine Atheism, and to give Christianity prominance in American History... a FAKE prominance.

It was a petition by the Knights of Columbus in 1954 that got the phrase "Under God" put into the Pledge of Allegience, and according to Dwight D. Eisenhower "... reaffirmed transcendence of God in our nation ... etc...." which couldn't be any less true when put into context.

Yeah sure, our founding fathers used the Bible as a reference to form the constitution, but neither the bible, nor god, nor even religion Dictates the Constitution ... AT ALL. Are we worshipping the Ancient Greek or Roman Gods when we say the Pledge of Allegience? No, we aren't. So why should I be forced to be patriotic and worship the Christian one?

Sorry folks, but I won't do it. I don't stand for that, and I would not like my country to stand for it, be under it, or even be represented by something so oppressive as the Christian God. I don't mind standing for a secular country which at least attempts to defend my rights as a human being, but I will NOT stand for a country which doesn't even represent the human in me! That defies the very principles of the country, and to put it bluntly, it really pisses me off that such legislation has passed 5 decades and 2 years ago, give or take.

Because after Under God was added, the phrase "In God We Trust" was added to our currency... which also was a crusade by the religious idiots who used communism as an excuse in the 1950's ... And yes, I do cross out "GOD" on my money. Our nation is secular, our founding fathers said it, our constitution has said it, and many of this country's best presidents have recognized it.

Until our country starts to represent me, I may consider standing up again, but until then, the country gets none of my respects. I always like to bring this up: A pledge of allegience should include everyone while excluding no one. A country should represent everyone. Otherwise you'll have people like me who just don't want to live here anymore.

That's all I have for now,

See you everyone.


P.S. I'm tired so pardon any typos.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year... and stuff.

Yeah... out with the old, in with the new.

About the old.... a lot of sh*t happened that really shouldn't have. For example... Bush didn't get impeached. Yeah, that needed to happen. Oh well, maybe this year. In fact, that will be one of my resolutions: Get Bush impeached. That would not only benefit me, but the entire nation and world ~.^

This year ... well, I can only hope for a better state of the wolrd, and I couldn't ask for a better personal experience than what happened last year. So... cheers!

Happy new year!