Wednesday, January 11, 2006

(un)intelligent (re)design

Off-Topic sort of things first. I'm rather annoyed with my parents right now. IMHO, if they say they are going to do something big for me, and even get me quitee excited about it.. I dunno, they should live up to it, shouldn't they? -- I broke my toe over the weekend, and you know it's sort of a law that since that happens, you absolutely NEED to hit it at every single opportunity available. -- I'm blazing through my Geometry lessons... my curriculum should be done before next week ends. And that's all I can think of for the moment.

And NOW, our featured presentation...

Yes, it was bound to happen, but since I am doing a research essay on this topic anyway, I figured I'd rant about it right here on my blog.

I may divide this up into parts... as I'm doing with my school rants. If that's the case, this is going to be the introductory one.

For the past few months, starting this summer at the earliest, I became more aware of the trickery presented in Creationism "science" displayed by many of its advocates. This was mostly due to a huge forefront of high-profile officials from school districts and from the scientific community began to support a pseudoscience called "Intelligent Design". There is no better way to explain it than an overwhelming wave as scientists across the country tried to stop it from destroying everything upon which science stood on, to it's very concrete foundation. Hundreds of school districts across the country including Kansas, Delaware, Texas, and New Mexico passed policies which in some way or another promoted the Intelligent Design (ID) movement.

Of course all of this controversy took people by surprise, and now everyone is talking about it. Is it science? Is it religion? Who supports it? Do they make sense? Are they real scientists? What is a real scientist? WHAT IS SCIENCE??????

Of course each of these questions can be answered only by those who have made science their lives. And they have answered these questions every single day. Yet people are persistant, and because they have such an immense access to information via the web, these issues stay red-hot for weeks, and the arguments keep evolving because they cannot be allowed to die until after the climax has taken place. The case with intelligent design seemed to have ended with a court room and a judge ruling that ID was indeed a religious cause trying to work itself into the public school stystem as science.

Rightfuly so too, because every single scrap of evidence from the Discovery Institute's goals (mainly stating the deafeat of of "Materialist science" and reinstating traditional values) to the personal statements made by senior (and allegedly non-partison) members of the Institute points to a Christian ideology, a Christian crusade of sceintific progressivism, and reasearch from the past 100+ years.

What these people do not realize is that god had his chance. Any and all attempts at explaining him throught the naturalistic scientific process has failed. And this alone is the reason that he is not considered to be among the variables in the scientific method. It may come as a hard-hitter to the religious.... or maybe not. Why do they have faith anyway? What is faith but the ability to believe in something without having the hard evidence for which to base these beliefs? What happened to the argument "I don't need to see to believe"? The DI is playing to people's ignorance. They are trying to get people to react to the fact that Evolution cannot explain everything in the developement of life quite yet.

But god can, and he has not been considered in the intense research done by scientists over the years. And people do, and they have reacted to it. Indeed, it is one of the hottest debates in the country right now. Just what Intelligent Design wanted.

Now they have the nation's attention, and they will not back down for anything. Why not? They have been refuted time and time again for the past few years, dating back from their creation in the early 90's by mainstream science. They keep going by marginalizing such great minds as Gallileo, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Carl Sagan, and Stephen J. Gould ... and yet, they quote these same people out of context to support their views. What is it they really want from the world?

It's the Christian mind-set... and they want it forced upon every mind of the ignorant Americans. And they are willing to rape and pillage every known scientific discovery to date to accomplish their goals. And they start with Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution.

I will discuss how they intend to do this at a later time, but class will end in a few minutes.


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