Friday, January 27, 2006

My research paper was returned to me today. 22/25 ... not bad. But as Beksuki said in the coment in my latest update, I went into a little bit too much detail, and could shorten it a little bit by removing it elsewhere into the essay. I also seemed to be having trouble defining the basis of my research... whether it is analytical, Hierarchichal, Chronological, etc... so there will be much cleaning up needed for it. And yes, I am quite having fun with this. Especially the research is interesting to look over (INFOTRAC is a VERY useful resource.) It's interesting what articles you can find from when that have to do with the topic you are researching. Anyway.. I need to seperate my paragraphs is also another thing I need to think about when I am revising.

Right now, I am in my second-block class. The internet has been down for the past hour, so I had no time whatsoever to do any research except to read more of my book, "The Blind Watchmaker" ... which is interesting, but I could have used the time to find more articles having to do with ID. Oh well, hurray for high-speed cable connection in the home! :o

So on Google News, I found that Samuel Alito was confirmed to the chair for Supreme Court Justice. Dammit. I was hoping that the democrats could pull through with their filibuster. It looks like that won't happen however, and we will have a Supreme Court which is now right-leaning. Well, we'll be traveling back into the 1850's for a long time to come, This is the same ideological placement that denied African-Americans a fair place in societ. Recall the "Seperate, but equal" ruling. No matter, I won't be living here much longer to enjoy the fall of the American Empire ... after all, that's what this is all going to lead to.

It has come to my attention that Alito believes strongly in the Unitary Executive. Can anyone say "Roman Empire"???? It's coming soon, the end of Western Civilization. Though I hope not in my lifetime. So cheers, for a New World Order... of Chaos under the un-checked unitary executive of Imperial United States!

Bad news, bad news, and still more bad news. Ahh, well, what can we do.



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