Tuesday, January 31, 2006

oh my.... f*ing ... god.

Well, I didn't miss the state of the union. Though I would have if I hadn't been reminded. I thought that this would be just like the one last year... grab a bowl of popcorn, and have a good laugh .... ooh, maybe every 30 seconds. But no... this one was chilling to the bone.

Reading "Nineteen Eighty-Four" really did put the President's speech into perspective. It's unbelievable. Some consider Bush's statements on Iran his most powerful knock out of the park. I saw it as "We are at war with Iran, we have always been at war with Iran, we will defeat Iran" ... it's a marching military campaign to Globalization. And, inevitably, the American Empire's doom. Capitalism's doom. What is this complete nugget thinking?

He talks about the failure of Social Security, but on the other hand, we should keep the tax cuts permanent. Whose fault is it that SS is failing? Whose fault is it that the U.S. is getting less money each year from these people? Whose fault is it that Healthcare is not reachable by anyone? It's not the people, it's these tax cuts driven by idiocy.

Make them permanent? Why? So that the rich people can keep outsourcing our jobs so we can drive the prices for goods down yet further... meaning more and more poverty?

But that's his foreign policy. What's crushing him (and me mentally) the most is his stance on domestic policies. Since WHEN do we have moral commitments to ANYTHING? Who the hell does he think he is to impose his moral standards on the rest of us? Who is he to determine when life is able to be distinguished, and when it should be extinguished justifiably? Who the bloody hell is he to be the one, all-knowing messiah to determine how I have a family?

I was torn between a fit of rage and tears tonight listening to that great oaf ramblingabout his imperial mind-set that he invisions... and I don't support it. Not one bit.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence happened over 200 years ago. I have the awkward feeling that another such event will come up once more. Though it will be the fall of this declaration finally, after so long of arrogant and greedy imperialism that has plagued the planet for so long.

I've lost complete hope in America. I've gone from strong Nationalist to a Socialist in less than one year. What does that say about the situation?

Very sad, very bad news. I will go to bed tonight, thinking -.-


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