Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So it wasn't quite as bad as I said that it was last night. Clearly I did over react a little bit, however, the perspective of things did not change. I do think still that the United States is one, big failing empire, and I do believe that George Bush's remarks last night was still yet more proof of this. After all, the reference to militarism in Iran only suggests that we will move there next, after Iraq, thus further expanding our enourmous global Empire.

ALl empires are domed to fail, in one way or another. The United States will be no exception. WIth 100's of bases placed worldwide, there is no doubt that it willl one day happen. Will it be a good thing? I don't know, I really couldn't say. On one hand, the idea of liberty, life, and happiness is a good one... or at least, it was a good one until about 75 years ago, when the U.S. began looking beyond its borders for political capital. It then decided that indeed the people who did not live in the U.S. were not worthy of being treated the same, but like dirt, as they took advantage of all of the lands through the world. Japan, Indonesia, India, various countries in Africa.

That era of imperialism has diminished. But, with the birth of this new-age militarism in the present, we are in our final stages of decline. It's obvious as one looks at the economy, as one looks at our domestic crises' and as one looks at the foreign politics effected by the decisions of the United States.

Life, Liberty, and Happiness are no longer acheivable as the founding fathers of this country once dreamed. INstead, it is in the hands of those very few (1%) who own everything in the country. The only happiness, in my mind, is to be able to get away from it all entirely. Until the inevitable tragic ending to the chapter in history called "Imperial Capitalism" comes to a close. Then it may be worth coming back.

Third block ends soon, and I doubt I'll get to finish at home, so my commentary ends here. For now.


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