Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, finished two more modulations today. And it is only now that I realize that there are just a little more than 10 or 11 weeks to this school year. And makes me beg the question to myself-- am I going to get through this Algebra II course before the year ends? It's a difficult question to answer. But I will keep trying my best. At this rate, I should at least be able to complete 60% to 75% at best of the modulations in Algebra II --- it is NOT humanly possible for me to complete it 100%. Hell, I didn't even get Algebra I entirely complete. But at least all of my other classes are going well.

I have finished the subheadings outline of my Thesis, but did not complete the first 5 pages as required. My own fault, but I will use the week to really catch up on it. My book is due today, and I cannot check it out again. Darwin's Black Box was the novel that I had to read for my thesis. I did not finish it, but I know enough about it I think to produce a decent literary analysis of the book. So again, that's that. I will post the updated version of my thesis once I am done with the section dealing with the Scientific Method.


In other news....

it's rather a slow news day actually. The headlines from America read that a court case will be heard to determine the legality of partial-brith abortion. To be entirely honest, I am with the conservatives on this particular branch of this issue. If one has to give birth to a human, even if just partially, and it can survive out of the uterus without the care of a mother, then you might as well leave this thing in there and wait for it to come out properly--- then put it up for adoption. I think that a child is considered to be capable of surviving out of the womb after the first 6-8 months, though I'm not 100% sure.

It just makes sense to me to make the decision to abort a pregnancy early and not wait until the fetus inside can actually be defined as an actual human being if it were born as an individual. If not, sorry, you'r SOL.

Worldwide however... erm. death, chaos, war, and violence? much of the same, in other words. Iran's pissing everyone off, and Russia is getting too big for its britches with their oil, pissing off all of those whom buy petroleum from them. more Australians are being executed for smuggling drugs, the bird flu is killing hundreds of thousands of birds and 10 people (sarcasm [SARS virus anyone?]) 50 sheep and an Iraqi are killed in a bombing carried out by the U.S. .. over the weekend, a U.S. embassy was breeched over the cartoon anger ... death, chaos, war, violence ... and a disease.

Isn't this soooo depressing?

Of course it is. Because we can't control it ...... but we can make money off of it ~.^

anyway, that's my rant for today. Some links I have for you are:

IDnet boasts a list of "500 scientists and counting!" who express skepticism about Evolution (it's also notable that many of these scientists are nat biologists, and hold degrees in fields such as "business science" ...)

Talkorigins.org has come up with a list of its own. called "Project Steve" it is a compilation of a list of "Steves" who support Evolution. THus far, there are 720 Steves!
http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/steve/ Have a look

and have a nice day!


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