Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well.... I almost passed the modulation today.

but no cigar >.<


This cartoon controversy going on worldwide is... well, to put it bluntly, very VERY ridiculous. Of course, nobody has the right to infringe upon the religious freedom of another person, that's recognizable.. but the protest has gone all too far. Here, clearly is the evidence that religion, while advocating love and respect for every person in the world, defies all moral code when someone (doesn't matter from what religion they are) challenges the size of some god's cojones somewhere -- in this case, Mohammed (sp?).

I'm NOT just talking about muslim extremists either... it doesn't matter. You so much as say something not so nice about whichever God happens to be from anyone's religion, and there is a high probability that an office building will be blown up the next day. The anger of course varies from region to region -- I doubt that people here in the United States would have the same access to bomb materials so that they can shove it up their rectum and drive themselves through a crowd... but anger will erupt anyway. In the United States, it's more likely that an angry mob would cause some serious damage to property, as well as a few murders here and there.
It doesn't matter who, again. But the point is that religion is the cause of most of the world's instability these days. It's as rampant as the hypocrasy that seems to plague written laws of these religions it seems... especially within the UnitedStates. One must ask why. There was a time when church was a legitimate thing to fight for. But in these days, there is not the same competition between them. There are rational explanations for each side. So why fight over them? Because someone's rationale is better than another person's? How doth thou draweth this conclusion? What difference does it make if you end up blowing up 50 people into dust in a street somewhere? You're only going to draw negative attention to your religion. Not to mention, you're dead. And you know what? Hell on earth continues. There's still war, there's still famine, and guess what? You prolonged it.

Why? because now, you've given different countries around the world a reason to label your country a "harborer of terrorism" and if your government doesn't agree, then you've given another reason for the capitalists to invade another country to capitalize off of their own branch of fear. And guess what? Nothing at all changes.

Face it, if there were'nt any centralized organized religion, this whole cartoon controversy would have been deflamed within the first few days. The same is true with the theocracies that exist today. If they did NOT exist, then the whole situation would not have escalated as it did. In Iran, the newspapers there asked for retalliation when they printed their want for cartoons depicting the Holocaust. THis is of course because the theocratic-run governnment instills fear within the people who are reporting the news, making the newspapers think they need only to promote their religion, and completely humiliate all others. In the case of the Danish newspaper, there is no worse one can go when he asks artists to depict Mohammed, when he knows full-well what the outcry could be. THankfuly, the Editor was fired, and things should have ended right there. But no. THe rest of the media decided that they would do the very same thing.

THis is all just a big huge circle of complete mindless BS, and it's either going to lead to peace, as people understand how stupid the whole situation is by fighting over it, or it will lead to more hate and violence... causing the deaths of several hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals while they protest against each other, by the very people who govern them.

Either way, there is a prospect.... this likely will not happen again.


In other news, I hear that "Scooter" may possibly incriminate his former boss; Dick Cheney. I don't believe that man is trustworthy at all. BUt if what he's saying is true.... this is huge. It could reveal the corruption at its heart of the Bush administration when it concerns the war in Iraq, and .. it's just astounding! What would it start... what would it reveal... that Bush lied, and cost the U.S. unneeded amounts of lost lives in the War with Iraq, and too much money went down the drain. ANd for what? So he could have his little gang war in the middle east. for their oil... and also in an attempt to work America toward a new Empire.

Well, it worked for a little while. And even if he manages to get away from being labeled a liar, his efforts will only fail inevitably.

That is my rant for today. I hope everyone is doing well.



beksuki said...

I read some interesting things concerning this topic today. According to it, the reaction to the cartoon was prompted... inflamed... by the government of these Muslim people as an ongoing attempt to throw the people's anger off its own corruption and lack of concern and put it onto foreign issues.

Applicable too to the US's lack of success in its goal in Iraq, really what these people want is not freedom (ie democracy), but justice. They want someone to be held accountable for and be responsible for all these tragedies left unaided by any governmental concern. The case in question here was the sinking of that ship in Egypt. Apparently, after a fire had started, the passengers and captain requested that they turn back, but the owner wouldn't allow it. He was likely thinking of the wasted time it'd cause, and knew he wouldn't be held accountable anyway by the Egyptian government...

David said...

It was indeed inflamed... of course any theocracy would be infuriated by any person or organization making a mockery of them -- the Vatican releases hateful opinions on this sort of topic every single day, probably most notable, the issue of gay marriage. Apparently AAALLLL of the countries that allow it are making a mockery of them, in their eyes. As far as the Muslim faith is concerned in this situation... these people are not kidding around. Anywhere they exist, be it in the Netherlands, or in Iran, they're pissed off because this particular story got the attention, and not the 5000+ other instances where Muhamhed was drawn.

Another story to be blamed on the media, hmm? ~.^

Well, I guess in that case, the situation is a winner-take-all situation. There are sevearl different groups that reside in Iraq that would do anything -- ANYTHING to get the justice that they seek. Like.. blowing themselves up for instance. THey hold different groups responsible. Some of them hold the U.S. accountable, or Democracy in general, the opposite side of their faith. Notice though that all of them obey God without question. What they seek is right without question. They hold each other accountable though because apparently the opponents are displeasing God. all people who are not with their particular militia are terorists who need to be wiped off of the face of the earth because they do not work in the name of their God.

In other words, and in my humble opinion, I do agree with your assessment that Justice is wanted. There are several reasons too. But I think that the government is the least of the people's worries. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. And people are reacting to that... especially the Sunni Muslims who now are in the lower caste of society now that Saddam has been outcast. Everyone else is rejoicing. God finally is on their side once again, and the Sunnis are paying for it. Why are they paying for it? Not because Saddam was a horrible leader, no, because Saddam was a horrible leader on the wrong side of the extremist muslim world view.

That's my view in any case...

really gotta go now :P


beksuki said...

*noddles* I hadn't thought of the Vatican, but I'm not sure its responses are hateful, just oppositional o.o

One last note--

As I heard (but I could be remembering wrongly) the cartoon was Muhammad with a bomb above him. How did these offended extremist Muslims respond? By fufilling just that stereotype: blowing up buildings. Their OWN buildings. Oh the irony... also they burned the American flag in response, even though the US had nothing to do with it.

David said...

I could say that "oppositional" is just a euphamism for "hateful" as far as the church is concerned-- especially when dealing with the Vatican. It's all relative... where the Catholics are not openly blowing up buildings, they are trying to push the Dogmatic propaganda upon everyone else-- ie: the oppositional statements. It doesn't feel very good to be hated, as you most certainly know. And these religions do these sorts of things to each other, to other religions, to the non-religious, it's just chaos.

Anyway, As far as this cartoon is concerned, they need to calm down certainly. It was a bad idea for these papers to print the cartoons as they did-- and they have a right to be angry. But you're right, there is a lot of violence going on right now, and now peole are dying over this. To protect their own Dogma that you mentioned as dictated by their religious organizors. The entire Western Civilization is the target of all of this hate-- why? Because we're predominately Christian. It has just been undermined that because there is a majority, we don't need to watch what we say about the minority. The minority supplied that mine- quite literally in these past few weeks. And the message isn't just "don't print Muhammed!!!!111" no, it's "we've had enough! We're here and don't forget it!"
I'm not saying the actions surrounding this incident are justified, the violence, but it was coming. It just needed fuel.
The irony surrounding this isn't too surprising really. Have you listened to Pat Robertson lately? He preaches Christian love... but while we're at it-- assassinate the President of Venezuela. Ask god to wash Dover, PA away because it voted a Democratic school board in. But yeah, that's the nature of these types of things.