Monday, February 27, 2006

Thesis updatage, and Critical Analysis of Behe's "'Black Box"

what a crappy night. I forgot to do laundry over the weekend and thus was up @12:00 to ~3:00 doing it. So 3 hours of sleep. Not the best to get through a day, but I'll live.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be getting something from my Thesis back... "First 5 pages" but it was more like three for me >.> so I won't be surprised if I get a horrible grade on it. I also have a terrible time grasping the concept of citing. I am so used to just writing an essay without thinking about much else except what I do know. I mean, I grasp why I must do it... it's just so much to remember, as it's a conditional "if-then" process. I dislike doing that when I'm writing. It just flows better if I don't have to take into account where I got the information and insert it into parentheses. Ahh, well, I'll get it soon enough. Anyway, while I'm waiting, Here's my analysis of the book thus far. It's supposed to be ~3 pages, but it's not yet quite complete.

David Gonzalez
February 27, 2006
Humanities 12-B

Michael J. Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box

Darwin’s Black box is a full-length non-fiction book seeking to explain irreducible complexity. The book claims to be “The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution”, a scientific challenge, and other Authors comment on the book as “(making) and overwhelming case against Darwin on the Biochemical level… an argument of great originality and intellectual power”. From the first page, within, and to the last page the text of “Black Box” has a well-written and easily comprehensible explanation about the roots of Irreducible Complexity (hereinafter IC) and why it is a fundamental flaw of Evolution, and also makes a case for an Intelligent Designer.
Innovating and as controversial as this book is, it is certainly above all a very good explanation of what Intelligent Design is.


it appears that he's not going to get to me today. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, adios for now!


Note to Self:

Friday, February 24, 2006


Or maybe not ignorance, but I can't help but recognize that some of the opinions of my classmates are so self-centered that it's not astonishing that minorities are treated as they are-- because this egotisticle mind set of "well, our race has always been superior, thus we need only to know about the way we white people understand history." It's such a sad way to think because these are the sorts of ideas that earned Africans an oppressive life for centuries. It still exists today all over the world, in AFrica of course, but it is also *clear* that here in America, there is also more than a bias toward people whose skin tone is different, African Americans, yes but also Indians, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans.

The question that seems to earn my sympathy is "is this fair to everyone?" -- and of course it is not. But the fact that there are people in this world that will just tell other "lesser" people to just live with it is just disturbing. WHy aren't we humans willing to fix this? What on earth is so bad about working for the common good of each other? Because we've always been arrogant (and pardon the language) assholes to each other? Because the only way to be a good person is to have more than the person next to you? And collectively the goal is to screw the lower people out of their money enough so that they have merely enough to survive?

THese are all the goals of capitalism, whether this rich jerkoffs are willing to admit it.

And what more could any fat rich guy want than more power? Than to have a certain pride that he's somehow better than those below him. THat's what we're encouraging our kids to do when we try to gently coax them into becoming entrepreneurial business pioneers. Screw the person next to you harder than he tries to screw you, and you'll get to the top faster and with more pride.

Kind of messed up to think of it like that. Because that's the grim reality. THere is no opportunity in this country. There's no garantee to the "American Dream" -- just tell that to the proletarians of New Orleans. especially talk to the ones that are deceased in wheelchairs at the superdome. I'm sure the last thing they'll tell you is that they are living the American dream.

The point of my rant is ... being this arrogant is not going to help anyone... ANYONE. ANd it's proved true in the past few weeks and years especially as we are all as humans more exposed to the events of the world. It's apalling that we can view these events with the shrug of a shoulder, and not react to it beyond that. THings need to change. We need to stop screwing each other over, and start helping one another reach a level where we can interact without wondering why he's got a better car than you.

After all of this, I have one more thing to say:

The American Dream is pathetic.

that's all,


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Reuters: "McClellan said to not go forward with the deal would send a "terrible message" because it would hold a Middle Eastern company to a different standard than a British company and because the United Arab Emirates has been a strong partner in the war on terrorism."

And yet, you will support legislation that OPENLY discriminates against all arab muslims??? Though they are AMERICAN CITIZENS??? I'm, sorry, but supporting a trade off of this country's security is beyond ridiculous. It's dangerous. I'm no racist, but giving the security of our ports over to the United Arab Emirates would be no more helping our security than a Kwikset key to a masterlock to Houdini. It's just plain stupid, and dangerous. THe UAE supports the very terrorists, and even aided in funding on some levels, whom attacked the United States. Bush, the so-called Crusade fighter, is going to stop and say "hmmmmm, we can't stop this trade from happening. the UAE would never DREAM of attacking us, though they are proving UNCOOPERATIVE in the war on terror. Let's LET them get our ports, where a ridiculously high percentage number of crates go unchecked even with the current company that oversees the safety of our supplies" this is stupid logic. It's stupid, because we can find better. If there's one way you want to prevent terrorism from accessing this country, it's first of all NOT giving them our keys.

the UAE is not just some Arab country; it is one that has in the past supported terrorism. And handing them our ports would be a VERY-BAD-IDEA. It's one thing to be for open free-trade. It's quite another to set the gate keys in the hand of a killer and name them as your butler. Nope, nope, nope. Bad idea. The government needs to keep its keys, raise taxes, and protect our OWN damned ports.

If not... then hey, another raised glass to the hastening of the fall of the Empire.

I just had to get that out, as it came up in our humanities discussion on Economics.
that's all


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, finished two more modulations today. And it is only now that I realize that there are just a little more than 10 or 11 weeks to this school year. And makes me beg the question to myself-- am I going to get through this Algebra II course before the year ends? It's a difficult question to answer. But I will keep trying my best. At this rate, I should at least be able to complete 60% to 75% at best of the modulations in Algebra II --- it is NOT humanly possible for me to complete it 100%. Hell, I didn't even get Algebra I entirely complete. But at least all of my other classes are going well.

I have finished the subheadings outline of my Thesis, but did not complete the first 5 pages as required. My own fault, but I will use the week to really catch up on it. My book is due today, and I cannot check it out again. Darwin's Black Box was the novel that I had to read for my thesis. I did not finish it, but I know enough about it I think to produce a decent literary analysis of the book. So again, that's that. I will post the updated version of my thesis once I am done with the section dealing with the Scientific Method.


In other news....

it's rather a slow news day actually. The headlines from America read that a court case will be heard to determine the legality of partial-brith abortion. To be entirely honest, I am with the conservatives on this particular branch of this issue. If one has to give birth to a human, even if just partially, and it can survive out of the uterus without the care of a mother, then you might as well leave this thing in there and wait for it to come out properly--- then put it up for adoption. I think that a child is considered to be capable of surviving out of the womb after the first 6-8 months, though I'm not 100% sure.

It just makes sense to me to make the decision to abort a pregnancy early and not wait until the fetus inside can actually be defined as an actual human being if it were born as an individual. If not, sorry, you'r SOL.

Worldwide however... erm. death, chaos, war, and violence? much of the same, in other words. Iran's pissing everyone off, and Russia is getting too big for its britches with their oil, pissing off all of those whom buy petroleum from them. more Australians are being executed for smuggling drugs, the bird flu is killing hundreds of thousands of birds and 10 people (sarcasm [SARS virus anyone?]) 50 sheep and an Iraqi are killed in a bombing carried out by the U.S. .. over the weekend, a U.S. embassy was breeched over the cartoon anger ... death, chaos, war, violence ... and a disease.

Isn't this soooo depressing?

Of course it is. Because we can't control it ...... but we can make money off of it ~.^

anyway, that's my rant for today. Some links I have for you are:

IDnet boasts a list of "500 scientists and counting!" who express skepticism about Evolution (it's also notable that many of these scientists are nat biologists, and hold degrees in fields such as "business science" ...) has come up with a list of its own. called "Project Steve" it is a compilation of a list of "Steves" who support Evolution. THus far, there are 720 Steves! Have a look

and have a nice day!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


It's about time too. Now it's on to dividing them ... >.>

That's about the highlight of my day. Though I must bring this up...

Why on earth is it such a big deal the Cheney shot some rich lawyer? You'd think that if Cheney wanted to kill him, he'd have done it properly, especially with all of his minions around. But no, he called his Ambulance, and got the guy to the hospital. Wher'es the enigma?

No, I don't like the man, but where on earth do these theories arise that this shooting was actually planned? It's ridiculous, is what it is.

That's all I have time for today though.

Talk later,



and also:
And finally:

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well.... I almost passed the modulation today.

but no cigar >.<


This cartoon controversy going on worldwide is... well, to put it bluntly, very VERY ridiculous. Of course, nobody has the right to infringe upon the religious freedom of another person, that's recognizable.. but the protest has gone all too far. Here, clearly is the evidence that religion, while advocating love and respect for every person in the world, defies all moral code when someone (doesn't matter from what religion they are) challenges the size of some god's cojones somewhere -- in this case, Mohammed (sp?).

I'm NOT just talking about muslim extremists either... it doesn't matter. You so much as say something not so nice about whichever God happens to be from anyone's religion, and there is a high probability that an office building will be blown up the next day. The anger of course varies from region to region -- I doubt that people here in the United States would have the same access to bomb materials so that they can shove it up their rectum and drive themselves through a crowd... but anger will erupt anyway. In the United States, it's more likely that an angry mob would cause some serious damage to property, as well as a few murders here and there.
It doesn't matter who, again. But the point is that religion is the cause of most of the world's instability these days. It's as rampant as the hypocrasy that seems to plague written laws of these religions it seems... especially within the UnitedStates. One must ask why. There was a time when church was a legitimate thing to fight for. But in these days, there is not the same competition between them. There are rational explanations for each side. So why fight over them? Because someone's rationale is better than another person's? How doth thou draweth this conclusion? What difference does it make if you end up blowing up 50 people into dust in a street somewhere? You're only going to draw negative attention to your religion. Not to mention, you're dead. And you know what? Hell on earth continues. There's still war, there's still famine, and guess what? You prolonged it.

Why? because now, you've given different countries around the world a reason to label your country a "harborer of terrorism" and if your government doesn't agree, then you've given another reason for the capitalists to invade another country to capitalize off of their own branch of fear. And guess what? Nothing at all changes.

Face it, if there were'nt any centralized organized religion, this whole cartoon controversy would have been deflamed within the first few days. The same is true with the theocracies that exist today. If they did NOT exist, then the whole situation would not have escalated as it did. In Iran, the newspapers there asked for retalliation when they printed their want for cartoons depicting the Holocaust. THis is of course because the theocratic-run governnment instills fear within the people who are reporting the news, making the newspapers think they need only to promote their religion, and completely humiliate all others. In the case of the Danish newspaper, there is no worse one can go when he asks artists to depict Mohammed, when he knows full-well what the outcry could be. THankfuly, the Editor was fired, and things should have ended right there. But no. THe rest of the media decided that they would do the very same thing.

THis is all just a big huge circle of complete mindless BS, and it's either going to lead to peace, as people understand how stupid the whole situation is by fighting over it, or it will lead to more hate and violence... causing the deaths of several hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals while they protest against each other, by the very people who govern them.

Either way, there is a prospect.... this likely will not happen again.


In other news, I hear that "Scooter" may possibly incriminate his former boss; Dick Cheney. I don't believe that man is trustworthy at all. BUt if what he's saying is true.... this is huge. It could reveal the corruption at its heart of the Bush administration when it concerns the war in Iraq, and .. it's just astounding! What would it start... what would it reveal... that Bush lied, and cost the U.S. unneeded amounts of lost lives in the War with Iraq, and too much money went down the drain. ANd for what? So he could have his little gang war in the middle east. for their oil... and also in an attempt to work America toward a new Empire.

Well, it worked for a little while. And even if he manages to get away from being labeled a liar, his efforts will only fail inevitably.

That is my rant for today. I hope everyone is doing well.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I spent 2 days on the multiplication of rational expression modulation in Algbra II... I failed it maybe 10 times now. I barely finished my Memo last night, and I did not get my annotated bibliography done. My mind is being shred into a thousand peices... and as fast as I can gather them up and try to peice it back together again, the faster graduation seems to be going down the hill for me. How on earth am I to graduate with all of this un needed drama going on?

I'm so frustrated at Algebra right now that I am about ready to storm out of the room... I won't, but that's how I feel. I need a day off.

And I see that you can now get away with anything in the govt. by saying merely "it's legal" ...

to hell with you, Alberto Gonzales. You don't deserve the freedom you claim to be protecting.

Hope you're listening...


Friday, February 03, 2006

Subheadings for the Senior Thesis

The introductory paragraph turned in, I can now focus on the body and following pages of the essay and the search that must go in them. My focus will definitely be on the science (or lack thereof) that’s in Intelligent Design, but I’m also thinking that I really need to define what science really is. That is to say, how science has defined itself as in the past centuries. Trial and error has worked, and science has perfected itself to a state where any question could be answered. Not many people know about the scientific process that has evolved in the past few centuries, and I believe that is one of the problems that people face when they consider Intelligent Design a scientific opponent to the Darwinian Evolution.

The best place for people to grasp the concept of scientific method is in the first paragraph following the introduction. The sooner that people realize what science really is, the sooner they can apply it to the reasoning in scientific theories as they stand.

The first heading is going to be broad, then. “What science really is” Not what it isn’t, just what it is, how it developed over the centuries. And most importantly, why it works as well as it does, why it brings up this conclusion, and not this one. So the paragraphs within that subheading will be the grassroots of what science –really- is.

The second idea is going to be the introduction of Intelligent Design. A brief history of ID, and the basic ideas around it that proclaim to be scientific will also be discussed.

Subheading three will consist of the arguments most compelling for design, and then the arguments that will effectively refute them.

Subheading four will discuss very briefly the theories of how species originated, and also the Big Bang theory, both are theories that Intelligent Design claims to challenge.

Subheading five will go on to discuss what the point of ID really is, if it is indeed not real science. This will include the forefront of the movement (the schools) as well as the people who are leading this front (Michael Behe, Phillip Johnson, William Dembski etc.) and why they are not really pushing for science, but for an ideology that is along the lines of science that has been refuted throughout the past 5 centuries. The goal for ID is to reform completely the idea of science, and how it is taught to the sponge-like minds of children in school.

The conclusion will obviously tie all of these together. First, Science is this, Intelligent Design defies this, Intelligent Design does this intentionally, Intelligent Design misleads because, and this will eventually lead to social corruption.

This is my basic outline in non-outline form. Just a brain storm in other words. Tell me what you think.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So it wasn't quite as bad as I said that it was last night. Clearly I did over react a little bit, however, the perspective of things did not change. I do think still that the United States is one, big failing empire, and I do believe that George Bush's remarks last night was still yet more proof of this. After all, the reference to militarism in Iran only suggests that we will move there next, after Iraq, thus further expanding our enourmous global Empire.

ALl empires are domed to fail, in one way or another. The United States will be no exception. WIth 100's of bases placed worldwide, there is no doubt that it willl one day happen. Will it be a good thing? I don't know, I really couldn't say. On one hand, the idea of liberty, life, and happiness is a good one... or at least, it was a good one until about 75 years ago, when the U.S. began looking beyond its borders for political capital. It then decided that indeed the people who did not live in the U.S. were not worthy of being treated the same, but like dirt, as they took advantage of all of the lands through the world. Japan, Indonesia, India, various countries in Africa.

That era of imperialism has diminished. But, with the birth of this new-age militarism in the present, we are in our final stages of decline. It's obvious as one looks at the economy, as one looks at our domestic crises' and as one looks at the foreign politics effected by the decisions of the United States.

Life, Liberty, and Happiness are no longer acheivable as the founding fathers of this country once dreamed. INstead, it is in the hands of those very few (1%) who own everything in the country. The only happiness, in my mind, is to be able to get away from it all entirely. Until the inevitable tragic ending to the chapter in history called "Imperial Capitalism" comes to a close. Then it may be worth coming back.

Third block ends soon, and I doubt I'll get to finish at home, so my commentary ends here. For now.