Sunday, December 11, 2005

The war on Christmas

Christmas time ... again ...

Well... I'm an Atheist, and frankly, I am a bit annoyed when some pious person comes up to me, and persistantly tries to buzz around my ear explaining to me about Jesus and how December 24ht was his birthday, and that's the reason we should celebrate.... but that does not happen when someone tells me "Merry Christmas" any more than when someone tells me "Bless You" ... no, this is just a corporate tactic to get more people into the stores this holiday so that they will buy more of their crap. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't care if "Merry Christmas" OR "Happy Holidays" is said, as long as I can open my stupid presents on Christmas eve and Christmas day, and get this whole stupid season over with!

Fairly, on one side, the season is indeed a strongly Christian one. People should say "Merry Christmas" when they are so inclined to do so, and they should not be blasted off the earth from it. On the other, these corporations want to bring in as many people to buy more of their crap than the last year... how are they going to keep this bureaucratic government runing if none of the Atheists, Jews, Muslims, or Buddhists are going to their stores!? It's the corporation's decision, let them make the decision as they want to, AND JUST BE HAPPY OUR COUNTRY ALLOWS US TO HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CELEBRATE!!!!

Happy Holidays to all of us. Doesn't offend anyone really, that's the reason that these corporations made the decision to put "Happy Holidays" on the banners. And honestly, it's not a new phrase. People have been saying "happy holidays" for decades. Why is it just now that people realize, "hey, it doesn't say CHRISTmas?!?!?!?!?" it's a pathetic thing to fight for. If you want to celebrate Christmas, go ahead. If you wish to celebrate Hannuka, go ahead. If you want to celebrate "Christmahannukwanzica" you may do that. But to keep everyone around you happy, do it in your own homes. That's the secret of keeping everyone happy. Nobody's religion is better than the others, so there's no reason to be trying to push yours to the top.

And the people who are actually PUSHING for this politically correct language to include everyone should keep it down. "OMG IT SAYS CHRIST ON IT!!!!!!" no, moron, Merry Christmas is no more a religious saying these days than "Bless you" is. There is no goal in saying "happy holidays" ... it's a way for a corporation to get more money every year than their competitors, and nothing more. Leave it up to these rich bureaucrats to make that decision, because you're just adding uneeded gas to the flames. You're being just as intollerant as the people pushing for "CHRISTmas"

The government should also enforce its secular ideas by saying "happy holidays". unlike the corporations, the government SHOULD include everyone without excluding anyone.

Since I am a good secular, Atheist American, I have to say to you all;

happy holidays!

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