Thursday, March 02, 2006

5 minute post!!!!

peers = dense.

I did get my graded thesis back... and I must say.. I've never seen so much red on my paper before now O.O ... has my grading experience been supressed throughout my entire high school career? Anyway, I'll get a scan of it and post it here in my next block. Really astounding. Ummmm, I had my crossroad's teacher watch an anti-bush video. He laughed, and I ddid too. It seemed that he needed some humor in his day... and I just happened to have that video in my collection. ANyway, this block ending. Have a good day



beksuki said...

What's crossroads? o.o

David said...

hehe. It's that class where I magically make up my 6 missing credits :P


BTW: You should get a blog :o I want to see more of your views. ;)

beksuki said...

Ah :p

*will certainly consider it...*