Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years of shit.

Yay nostalgia.

I wasn't originally going to say anything about the subject, but as I'm hearing more and more about it, listening to the Radio, and glancing through blogs,
Is it insensitive of me to not care very much about 9-11 anymore?

I woke up today, and I thought to myself, "Man! This is a pretty good day!" and I went about my life not even giving a thought to the explosive events of six years ago.. until of course I tuned in to the radio in the late evening.

I swear they play some of these documentaries every year... especially PBS. Don't they have better things to do with their funding?
Here are a few things I don't get about this whole 9/11 hype every year:

Why are people allowed to capitalize on this event?
T-Shirts that say "NEVER FORGET..." and have pictures of two buildings burning in the background
T-Shirts that have pictures of a bald eagle crying against the background of burning buildings, faded into a larger background of an American flag.
pictures of burning buildings everywhere-- post-cards, neckties, tattoos, posters, stain glass windows, flags, etc.
The idiot box showing the collapse from OVER 10,000(!!!!) different angles, with people crying, and running, and dying amidst the cloud of burning building material.
It's amazing we're not singing:
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to yoouuu!
Happy birthday dear 9-11!!!
Happy birthday to yoouuuuuuu!!!
And many more....

At which point we'll all exchange our 9/11 souvenir models of the burning buildings, and model airplanes.

There are also these moments of silence everywhere you go-- it's inescapable.

When is the last time we held a moment of silence for the thousands that died during Pearl Harbor? The only time you hear about that event is every time the anniversary falls upon a year that is divisible by ten.
When are Americans going to show any concern beyond themselves?

roughly 3,000 people died in those towers. Millions more die every year of outright genocide for the same reasons: different religions.

Which brings me to my final point. Why glorify god through all of this?

God bless America. Pray for these families. God gives us hope. god, GOD, G_D, gOd, GoD, GOD GOD GOD DAMMIT!!! Everywhere there's god, and he's credited for giving comfort to us during trying times.

In my mind, if he truly existed, none of this would have happened. It's at times like this, when I most expect him to pop up into some church that preaches the ideas that he originally wanted to be taught. But it hasn't happened.

So why glorify god? Why not give money instead to the people that actually ran into those burning buildings and rescued others? You know, the PEOPLE that did something, not the GOD that did absolutely nothing. He's the last person that should be glorified for this, and in fact, he should be severely admonished. After all, this attack was done both in his name, and against his will.

No, folks. The way I see it is this:

The attacks were carried out by people who have delusional ideas about the world. And people that have equally as delusional world-views are pissed off about it, so they have to shove their god's infected penis in other people's faces.

I don't see the comfort in the idea that god brings comfort into this world, and the people that do hold such a belief need to take a closer look at the suffering, and see all of the people (not gods) that are trying everything in their power to alleviate such suffering.

Thanks to all of this nostalgic, delusional BS, I do not celebrate September 11th. I am going to let it pass as another day as I did today, and just not give a damn about it, because there are things in this world that require, in my opinion, more immediate attention.

To Osama:
Happy anniversary!!! Your public video drive to increase annual nostalgia has worked!


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