Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's NOT Jesus Christ? NO WAY!

Yeah, i'm just as happy as the next person that we're finally going off into a new direction. I'm looking forward to actually seeing what becomes of this presidency.

What pisses me off are the people who seem to think that those of us who voted for and support him are somehow all brainless sheep who worship this man. No, you fucking nimrods, this is a democracy... we VOTE for who we think will do the country best! Often this person holds firm ideas about which we can agree. This is precisely an example of that. I don't need you to continue reminding me that he's not the Messiah. Jesus H. Christ, I'm an Atheist! I don't need reminding that a messiah will never come!

Obama is a man. Obama is a politician. He's as fallible as anyone else, but he seems to have a MUCH clearer plate than most anyone who had ever run for president in the past.

I'll tell you where parallels may be drawn, however. They may be drawn from men to men. Obama's promises are much like Roosevelt's- who was very much a mortal. His charisma is quite similar to that of John F. Kennedy. His convictions, personality, and philosophy... those are something fresh, and they are exactly why I voted for him. They are something that he developed from growing up as he did, and ending up where he did. that to me is fascinating. Since his values seem to be in the correct place, I am fairly sure nobody has much to worry about. We shall see how things will go from here.

In the mean time, please stop insulting my intelligence with your presumptuousness.

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